The Golden Retriever is a Great Family Dog

The dog is fondly called man’s best friend for a very good reason, which you can see reflected in his eyes and wagging tail every day. When you feed him, walk him and shower him with love, he reciprocates and thinks that you are akin to God, unlike a cat, who given the same level of attention thinks that the cat is God. Different breeds have different attributes, so when choosing a dog when you have young children, it is important to make a careful selection, with many Australians making the decision that the golden retriever has all the right ticks in all the right boxes. The breed is known for its loyalty and friendliness, with a very gentle nature, who seem to revel in the attention and love to play with children.

The Golden Retriever’s Background

The golden retriever was originally bred out of necessity in Scotland in the 19th Century, as firearms became more advanced and with a greater range than those that came before, hunters were able to shoot wild game from longer distances, which the traditional hunting dogs, the pointer and setter weren’t able to deal with. To breed a dog capable of retrieving prey from both land and water, existing retrievers were bred with the water spaniel. The result was an amphibious dog with a very gentle bite, important when the hunter wanted his quarry to be brought back without excessive bite marks. The gentle bite exists to this day, making them great with children, as even when excited it is highly unlikely to ever bite anyone hard enough to cause injury.


The golden retriever is a very friendly and intelligent breed, known for its loyalty and its love of exercise. He is known for his extreme patience which was a necessity when out hunting, with their intelligence making them one of the best options for obedience training. Trustworthy and reliable, possibly his only downside is that the golden retriever enjoys his dinner more than most, will eat as much as he can and is prone to getting fat if the food isn’t monitored and regular exercise provided. They are such a popular breed, that you can buy a specific golden retriever pet insurance policy, rather than a generic dog insurance, which not only covers the basics, but also common genetic issues for the breed, such as hip and elbow dysplasia, and cataracts.

Lifespan and Size

The golden retriever is not a small dog, with the average weight for females around 25-30 kg, standing around 50-55 cm high, with the male slightly larger and heavier at 30-35 kg and a few centimetres higher, with both male and female having around a 10-12 year life expectancy, though some do go one for a bit longer.

The golden retriever does require a certain amount of maintenance, which happens as a result of them having quite a lot of fur in a double level coat. The outer layer is water repellent, with a very thick undercoat, which requires a fair bit of grooming to keep the two coats from becoming matted. An all-round winner of a dog, it is easy to see why he is one of Australia’s favourites.


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