Applying For A Personal Loan – A Simplified Guide For Borrowers

In numerous situations, people need quick cash for managing financial crisis. A personal loan is a special kind of short-term advance, offered by banks and lenders for smaller requirements. From small purchases to paying your household bills and credit card payments, these loans can be used for a number of purposes. Many people also use a personal loan for consolidating smaller debts, which can often help in improving their credit score.

Things to know

Personal loans can be categorized into two segments – secured and unsecured. Secured loans are backed by an asset, also known as collateral. In case of default, the lender will use the asset to get back the loan money. Since the risk is pretty lower, secured loans have a lower rate of interest, and the process of getting an approval is easy. On the contrary, unsecured loans are more popular among borrowers, but have a higher interest rate. Please note that a personal loan is different from an OFW loan, which are long/short term advances offered to Overseas Filipino Workers in the Philippines. In most countries, there are a few standard requirements for taking personal loans, which typically include a minimum age, basic salary, and address/nationality proof.

Getting a loan

Personal loans have a few terms and conditions, and if you are a borrower, you should read the papers in detail. It is possible to apply for such advances without a credit card, depending on the certain aspects. If you have the money, you can terminate the loan ahead of the actual period, by paying the full amount along with the interest. Typically, a borrower can get as much as four times of his current salary, subject to the maximum amount set by the lender. Overseas workers can get a personal loan too, but they need to be present in the country while filing the papers. You can check with a lender to understand these aspects better.

Take online help

There are some amazing sites, where you can compare personal loans for all things. These portals are extremely handy for people, who otherwise don’t have the time for smaller details that eventually matter in taking a loan. You can also contact the executives of such services, and they will offer advice and tips about different lenders, along with the right choices, both in terms of interest and loan amount.

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